Architecture and Art

Virtoox stands at the forefront of VR development. We design 3D environments and suggest technological solutions for CardBoard, VR Gear, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and HoloLens.



An application developed for technical exhibition´s visitors. When using VR glasses, visitors gained a realistic idea on the newest Unipetrol premises. A module enables also movement within VR environment. Thus, people can virtually visit walk inside the building.


Architecture app preview

Virtual gallery

Chemistry Gallery Prague

An application representing a virtual form of a Chemistry Gallery in Prague. The application enables movement through different rooms of the gallery. Visitors can discover real paintings but also art created in Tilt Brush. The application can be used also in the real gallery in augmented  reality mode.  

Architecture and development

bringing you home

Applications for 360° visualizations. 

Museums and education

between the past and presence

Always dreamed about going back in time? Now’s your chance. We develop interactive educational applications for seamless communication between the present and past.

Real estate and travel

going beyond imagination

Big decisions to make? Visit your dream home or holiday destination beforehand in a virtual environment to help you make an informed choice.